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Shipping and Receiving

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With the increase in online shopping and world connectivity, shipping and receiving plays a big part in making sure that things we purchase get to where they are going. Students in the Shipping and Receiving strand at Leichman learn the many ins and outs of how products are packaged and shipped in the business world. This includes learning and practicing things such as:

  • Students will receive, sort, and store bulk packages that have been delivered to the school.
  • Students open, count out, bundle, package items, and label packages.
  • Students plan and schedule deliveries.
  • Students travel using vans to deliver orders and stock displays at various school sites.


In addition students work on the main strand goals of responsibility, performance, cooperation, initiative and appearance. These goals help to prepare them for working in the field of shipping and receiving. Lastly students also spend time also working on academic and social skills through the Unique Learning System and running a snack stand on special occasions.

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Shipping and Receiving students
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Shipping and Receiving students
Preparing orders for shipping