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Career Retail and Leo's Locker

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The Career Retail strand involves teaching students the necessary skills that are required for working in a retail store. The students will not only be responsible for the selling of merchandise, but they will also be involved in the development of the products sold within the store. Job duties and responsibilities with the Career Retail strand include but are not limited to: 

  • Merchandise display
  • Folding, sizing and hanging clothing for display
  • Inventory including pricing items 
  • Customer service awareness 
  • Using a cash register and writing receipts 
  • Taking custom orders and advertising  
  • Stock room responsibilities   
  • Maintaining a clean and safe work environment. 

The Leo's Locker will be selling items such as jewelry made by the students in the strand, items made by other students on campus, school logo merchandise and apparel, and snacks and drinks. The goal is to provide as much support and on the job training as necessary to prepare students if they were to choose a career in retail upon graduation.