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Animal Care

Animal care photo

The Animal Care strand teaches students the importance of caring for a variety of animals. The Animal Care strand and the Horticulture strands work together to provide students with first hand farm like experiences. Students spend time each day working to make sure that our animals are taken care of. This includes:

  • Cleaning the area that the animals are housed in including raking, rising and sweeping dirty areas before applying fresh bedding.
  • Changing out water containers and refilling feed containers.
  • Building and maintaining living areas for the animals.
  • Marketing and packaging fresh eggs for delivery to customers.
  • Cleaning and storing work supplies so other students know where to find them.


The work the Animal Care strand does makes it possible for the rest of the students are Leichman to enjoy and visit with Animals throughout the day.

Introducing a few of the Leichman animals.

Check out all the Animal Care strand has to offer.