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Adaptive Physical Education and Cheerleading

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Students at Leichman are presented with many ways to work on their physical wellbeing while in school. From before and after stretching to learning and playing sports, students are encouraged to be as active as physically possible through out the school day. Students are introduced to and play new sports while also having the option to practice and play sports or activities they are already familiar with. They can also spend time in the school gym using equipment machines and/or join the cheerleading squad to practice and prepare for district wide cheer showcases. Some other highlights of Leichman's APE program include:

  • Student co-led group warm up and cool down stretches.
  • Instruction and guidance on health goals students have.
  • Group encouragement during run/walk events.
  • Theme specific sporting events that co-run with current events.
  • Cheerleading try outs and competitions.
Watch the Leichman Cheerleaders perform at CheerFest 2023