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The Horticulture & Farmers Market program is a project-based learning environment. Thursday Farmers Markets from 10am-12pm are at the center of our program. Everything we plant, harvest and prepare in our farm kitchen is for sale at the market. In the garden and greenhouse, students learn how to plant seeds and plants, how to handle tools safely and how to be safe in a hands-on work environment. Students learn how to grow and take care of flowers, succulents and vegetable plants. 


When working on Farm2Table projects, students learn how to cook with fruits & vegetables grown in the garden. Students learn to make jams and jellies, use the dehydrator to make delicious snacks out of fruit and how to make empanadas filled with vegetables from the school garden. 
During the Farmers Market, students sell plants and Farm2Table products. They greet and talk to visitors and customers and practice money skills. 

On a daily basis, we practice employability skills like communication skills, working in teams, independent job completion, and problem-solving skills.


Be sure to stop by and visit our farmer's market on Thursdays from 10am - 12pm.Farmers Market